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Updates: March 2021

Well, we postponed the Spring 2020 sale, then the Fall 2020 sale, then the Spring 2021 Sale.

All things considered we are lucky to be here at all and are hoping to be able to have a Fall sale in 2021. If you are on the mailing list you will know when I know.

In the meantime, we have made some other changes to accommodate COVID.

We are open by appointment

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are the best days. We can also open on a Sunday if that's the only day you can get here. Just give us a few days' notice to be sure we have time to show you around. There are still many different orchids here! All kinds for a huge variety of environments. Vaccinations or not, we think that being masked and respecting the 6ft. apart rule will keep us in a healthy environment. Go here for directions to the nursery: Directions. Go here to get on the email list to be notified of upcoming sales or plant lists: Mailing list

If you are interested in specific genera/hybrids/species just email and ask if we have them!

Changes to our boarding business

We now only board for clients who can pick up and drop off the plants in their collection. Sorry, no more delivery services are available. We are still delighted to grow orchids for you!

All other boarding services are the same. Complete, professional care of your plants when they are in our nursery. We still go through the nursery every week and call you when a plant in your collection is in bud. Rest assured that we will call you early enough that you have time to organize a trip to Bolinas (i.e. a day at the beach!) to pick up your orchids while they are just starting to flower. As always it is best to get them back to us as soon as they look tired.

If you need to leave town for a while we are also happy to take short term collections. One month is the minimum amount of time. All incoming collections need to be free of bugs. If there is extensive repotting to do, collections need to be here a minimum of 3 months so we can get them repotted and stabilized.

Prices are the same $55.00 (10 sq. ft. of bench space) per month minimum. If your collection goes over 10 sq.ft. We just measure the collection and charge $5.50/sq.ft. per month. Don’t hesitate to email or call if you need more information.

Please also note! We have a new phone number (415) 713-0203. This is a mobile number so you can text, or call.

p.s. There is lots of amazing orchid stuff happening now online. Many orchid societies are zooming their meetings so that means you can join their talks from you living room. See the Reference Page for more details.

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