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California Orchids is one of the oldest boarding facilities in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have been growing orchids professionally for over 30 years, and operating our Orchid Boarding business since 1985. The temperate nature of our location, West Marin County, allows us to grow a wide range of orchid genera.

At present we have 5 heated greenhouses and as well as a covered outdoor growing area. These areas give us over 15,000 square feet of space divided and heated according to the varying needs of some 12,000 orchid plants, from seedlings to very large specimens.

The central focus of California Orchids is to develop and grow orchid collections for our clients and we concentrate on this rather than wholesale or retail sales. The exception is our Bi-annual Sale, which is open to the public each spring and fall.

We will be having a big sale in mid/late September 2022! Stay tuned....
We will let you know when there is a new date. Best wishes for good health to all, Mary. info@californiaorchids.com for details.

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