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There are many good orchid web sites but these are some of our favorites:

Find lots of Orchid info at this site as well as addresses for individual affiliated orchid societies. For instance:
St. Augustine Orchid society   www.staugorchidsociety.org   has especially good disease and insect information.

The web site for The Orchid Digest, another great standard (75 years) offering its orchid magazine with amazing photos.

A site which has been collecting and organizing orchid sites since the beginning. Especially good for finding vendors.

The Florida site for Orchidmania.

A gorgeous and informative site from Paupa, New Guinea.

A great worldwide reference for all kinds of orchid information.

An excellent software research tool for species and hybrid information, with photos. Well worth the price.

Jay Pfahl’s amazing comprehensive list of orchids species photos and information. Free (but send him some money) 

(in Spanish)

The Peruvian Orchid Club. Great email magazine.

The Royal Horticultural Society

Sally Robertson
Sally Robertson is a well-known water color painter and has a beautiful site of orchid, rose, and other flower watercolors. Originals and well as prints are for sale on the site.

"Google" the name of any orchid and you will find out more than you ever wanted to know. Same for "YouTube" orchid repotting demonstrations. Watching someone repot can be very helpful.

My current favorite books (Don't forget Books!)

A Compendium of Miniature Orchid Species, volumes 1 & 2 
Tremendous effort by the Ron Parsons and Mary Gerritsen, gorgeous photos and lots of information.

Wild Orchids of Thailand
Nantiya Vaddhanaphuti

Growing Hardy Orchids

John  Tullock

An Enthusiasm for Orchids
John Alcock

Orchid Growing Illustrated
by Brian and Wilma Ritterhausen
Most anything by the Ritterhausens is good, clearly written, with helpful pictures and lots of practical information.

Home Orchid Growing
by Rebecca Northern
A more advanced book on orchid culture, no one should be without this classic. Getting harder to find, but worth the work.

The Wild Orchids of California
by Ronald Coleman
Very informative if you want to look for the Orchids in California

Cattleyas and Their Relatives (in 5 volumes)
by Carl Withner
A really impressive work on the Cattleya alliance species. Lots of good information, beautifully organized.

Orchids Species Culture
by Margaret and Charles Baker
A series of books packed with very specific information as to climate and habitat of different species. See their web page too for great information.

Dendrobium and Its Relatives
Lavarack, Harris, Stocker
A great resource for
Dendrobium lovers. Cultural information and photos

Flora's Orchids
Isobyl La Croix
Timber Press
Solid general information and photos of all the major orchid types

Orchid Fever
Eric Hansen
A great read. Eric has traveled and talked with orchid people all over the world.

Orchids of Mexico
Hagsater, Soto, Salazar, Jimenez, Lopez, Dressler
A truely great resource.

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