We have compiled answers to the most common questions about the home care of boarded orchids, and about how we organize your plants in our greenhouses. We hope that this will enhance understanding and enjoyment of your orchid collection.

We walk through all the greenhouses each Friday afternoon to decide which plants will be ready to be delivered the following week. Several factors go into our decisions. Specifics vary according to the type of plant and the conditions of your home, but there are some common principles that apply. Flowers that open in the greenhouse tend to be stronger and have better color due to increased light and humidity, so we like to hold the plants until at least a few flowers are open. When buds do open under lower light conditions they are often weaker and thinner which makes them more susceptible to bugs, especially aphids, and they won’t last as long. So to insure that you see the flowers at their best we like to get them started here. Some clients ask us to delay the delivery of their plants until most of the flowers are open and some like to receive plants in bud. Let us know what works best for you.

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