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Having an area specifically set up for your orchid plants is a great way to make the complexities of growing less time consuming and more rewarding. Your plants will respond with increased health and vigor and you can have a collection with greater variety and more flowers.

Over the years we have reorganized many types of greenhouses, solariums, and outdoor areas for the purpose of growing orchids. Our own growing grounds cover over 15,000 square feet of space divided into warm, intermediate and cool greenhouses as well as several outdoor shade areas. We are constantly trying out new misting, watering, heating, and humidification systems to find out what works best in different situations.

For clients who are interested in building or renovating a greenhouse, we find the best way to start is with a visit to our nursery. We can show you working systems and the effect they have on the different kinds of orchids; and we can discuss the kinds of orchids that you are most interested in growing. After this, if you want more details we are happy to make a visit to your site or talk with your architects/contractors.

If you would like more information please call us at (415) 713-0203.

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