For many reasons some orchids just won't grow or flower well no matter what we do. Use that space for something new. If a plant comes back to us in really bad shape we discard it, because there is no reason to pay for a plant that is going to take 3 years to get healthy again, much less flower. It is a good idea, once a year or so, to ask us to go through your collection and take out plants that aren't flowering well, that are growing too slowly, or that you don't like as much as others. This way you can improve the health of the collection and keep up with changes in your orchid taste. Don't pay us to grow plants that you don't want!

We are happy to help you make changes in your collection, and encourage you to consider all of the varieties of orchids, even those with brief flowering periods -- although some last only 2-3 weeks in flower, the displays can be delightful. We can direct you if you want to explore more variety, species from a particular part of the world, awarded plants, or anything else that might interest you.

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