Insects are a fact of life... We take many precautions against them, but long lasting insecticides are not as available as they once were. This is a good thing, because many were dangerous, but it makes dealing with bugs more complicated. Some insects are very attracted to the color yellow (Oncidium owners beware!) and many like thin textured flowers. Always check the flower buds when you water your plants. Aphids are tiny green insects that will gather first on the most tender buds. If you catch them early you can just wash them off. It is easy to kill them, but they reproduce very rapidly so vigilance is required. If bugs appear while the plant is in your home, spray them with straight rubbing alcohol (rubbing alcohol will not harm the flowers or buds), Insecticidal Soap, or Ultra fine Horticultural Oil ( available at most retail nurseries), clean off the leaves, top and bottom, replace any moss that you are using for decoration and rinse out any decorative containers with soapy water. We take time to check and clean each plant before it leaves the greenhouse but if there are bugs on your plant when it is delivered, let us know immediately.

Insects are fascinating. For more information about orchid loving bugs try these links:
Be aware that some of the insecticides mentioned here are old fashioned (i.e. dangerous) and probably no longer available.


Orchids tend to flower in the same season each year. There are, however, lots of things that can throw off a plant's flowering cycle. The amount of time your orchids spend in the greenhouse is critical. Keeping your plants at home for 3 months out of a 12-month cycle means they receive less light, humidity, and professional care. Next year's flowers are dependent on the strength of the growths that are developing during these 3 months, the stronger the growth the stronger the flower. Plants that remain less time in your home will have a much better chance of producing bigger and better blooms next season, so call for a pick up as soon as the flowers look tired.

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