In a word, yes. We tend to want to try to grow every plant that comes to us. The returning plants are often in weakened states of health. If they are unsalvageable or if they have a lot of bugs we will discard them upon arrival. More often plants are in a state that is weakened but will respond well to repotting and life back in the greenhouses. If after a few months the plants don’t improve, we will discard them because we don’t want you to be paying for plants that are not going to flower for you. We do not specifically notify clients about this but we keep an organized list of discards so that if a client is interested he or she is welcome to call to find out what has happened to a certain plant.


We love growing orchids and are always working to learn more and grow better so that we can make a success of our client’s collections. We hope that with this guide you can begin to understand some of the complexities involved in this process. Finally, we wish you an enriching and exciting time with the Orchid Family.

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