Keeping 15,000 plants in order takes organization and a good system. Here's how it works:

Green tags specify the plant by name.

Yellow tags tell the flowering history of your plant - we add the current date to the yellow tag each time your plant returns to us.

White tags tell us the plant belongs to you.

Any additional information that you would like to add (such as a number or a friend's name), should be written on a separate plastic tag with indelible ink and placed firmly in the pot. Marking the pot is useless; we disinfect and recycle most containers which means that any marks on the pots will disappear.


When they return to us plants are usually in a somewhat weakened condition and have lost some roots. A good way to get them going again is to reduce the pot size. We usually repot the best divisions of large plants together, always working to maximize the show for next year, and discard the backbulbs or weak divisions. If a plant will grow and flower better if it is divided we divide it. Some clients prefer us to keep each piece, some clients want us to just save the best pieces, and some clients have pot size preferences. We keep a list of those preferences at the potting bench. Let us know your preferences!

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